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Hello, I'm Jacqueline Jimenez.
I have been a writer and primarily a television news producer for over 25-years, working for ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX affiliates.  I have also been a  freelance writer/producer for production companies.  I write/produce corporate videos, documentaries, profiles and commercials.    Some of my projects include a corporate video for Sony, which was shown at the South by Southwest Film Festival, and a corporate video for the CASC, (Community Assessment Service Centers) where I interviewed 48 people.   That video was shown to legislatures to try to expand those centers across the state of California.

I have worked in South Florida as a television news producer, segment producer and field producer for the local ABC and CBS affiliates.  At CBS4 in Miami, I had the unique opportunity of being the producer of the then, Emmy Award winning public affairs show "4 Sunday Morning," with Eliott Rodriguez and field producer for "Neighbors 4 Neighbors."   Neighbors is a non-profit organization, born out of Hurricane Andrew and actually operates out of CBS4.  Their motto: "Bringing together those in need, (using the media) with those who can help.  It is an excellent organization, with distinguished awards for its acts of service in the community.  I was the first  "news producer" to begin generating stories for Neighbors.  I was able to quickly identify news stories from their helpline.  In short order, the newsroom began leading newscasts with stories generated by Neighbors. We were so successful, they named one of the main anchors as the "face" of Neighbors.  Not only were we generating news stories, but we were provoking viewers to take action through those stories.  This is my expertise!  I love finding what's newsworthy in organizations or businesses that don't realize how much the newsroom wants to hear from them.  News departments no longer have the staffing to find human interest stories. So if you don't tell them, they won't know.

I know the dynamics of the newsroom, how it operates, who to send your press release too and what it should say.  I know, because, I was the person receiving them and reading them and helping to determine whether to cover a story, based on that press release.

I can help. 

There's a story in your service, let's get out and share it!

Thank you for your consideration,

Jacqueline Jimenez

You may be wondering, why I am not working in a newsroom today.  Well, after writing for over 
20-years about what people do to children, I decided to work from home when mine were born.